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Marissa. 20. ENFJ/ENTJ. Wisconsin. Aspiring Criminalist. Animal lover. Studying AAAO at MATC. Mayor in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

House: Gryffindor
Arcana: Magician / Hierophant
Politically: Conservative
Religiously: Christian
Sexuality: Straight
Altador Cup: Team Maraqua
Relationship with snakenibbler

Views: Pro-Life. Social Complementaristic Egalitarian. Body Positive. Anti Drug. Patriotic. Conservationist. Pro Renewable Energy.

I post a lot of Persona 4.

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Fandoms → Kingdom Hearts, Captain America, Avengers, Titanic, Chris Evans, Eric Dill, Nathan Drake, Persona 4, Sherlock, My Little Pony, Rookie Blue, Playstation, Assassin's Creed, Harry Potter.

Loves → Captain America, supernatural teen romance mystery novels, purple, America, nail polish, barbecue sauce, Italian food, Yosuke Hanamura, Haytham Kenway, Lifehouse, chicken bouillon cubes, Naoto Shirogane, warm weather, web design, reading, Christmas, fall scents.

Challenges→ Gaming, Nails


"white people can’t danc-"


"white people can’t twer-"



Oh, wait, you said ”SEND NUDES”? I thought you said “SEND NUKES” hahaha whoops uh i guess you should evacuate your city or something


I’ve always used this analogy. Some pro choicers believe the most independant twin should get to choose but not many believe this. I think it’s really interesting and if we have any pro choice followers i’d like to hear your thoughts. - gabbie

I took off the comfort cap of my epilator today and I’m getting used to the whole thing now. It still hurts specifically in places with thin skin (knee, ankle, etc) but it’s gotten a lot better. I get a lot of ingrown though. I think my skin sheds a LOT which puts me in a constant need to exfoliate.
I’m starting to worry that the epilator is going to support my trich habit, though. We’ll see.

this is the girliest shit ever i’m leaving bye

i mean i’m not even a little bit defending the music video because the song itself is just plain awful but i know that i am not the target audience so i just deleted it off my ipod when i bought the album and moved on with my life?

like every time ya’ll talk about her and watch the video to laugh and shit like you’re giving her ad money and publicity just saaaaaayin

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